Ricciardo back to Red Bull to replace Perez in 2025 ?

As we read in many articles, “Ricciardo should replace Perez at Red Bull in 2025”.

Sergio Perez’s current contract with Red Bull runs until the end of 2024. The return of Daniel Ricciardo to Formula 1, currently with Alpha Tauri, leaves many questions about the future of this driver who knows the Red Bull ecosystem well.

Perez versus Ricciardo, competing for Red Bull seat with Christian Horner.

Rumor or real project?

Christian Horner, boss of the Red Bull team, has indeed spoken on this subject. He clearly mentioned that Alpha Tauri drivers are potential future Red Bull drivers.

Horner also knows that Ricciardo’s aspirations are not to stay for years at Alpha Tauri but to consider this team and this moment to get back to his previous level in order to claim a place in the current best team.

However, Horner’s chosen words are of course cautious for now. Ricciardo has the second half of this season to convince and to hope keeping his seat next year.

If the second part of 2023 is good, he can hope to stay there in 2024 and hope in 2025 to return to Red Bull.

Is it feasible?

Over ten years in Formula 1, he won 8 races, including 7 over the period 2014-2018 when he drove for Red Bull. In 2014 and 2016, he finished 3rd in the championship.

Besides, Perez, much criticized this year, has in fact, apart from Monaco, never finished less well than P6, which places him today in a comfortable 2nd place.

Let’s also remember the incredible defense on Hamilton during the last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021 in order to give the first world championship to his teammate Max Verstappen.


Obviously, a lot can happen in the end of 2023 and in 2024.

But clearly Red Bull has an unbeatable number 1 driver and a number 2 driver who fills his role. Red Bull is winning both the driver’s championship and the constructor’s championship very easily.

Therefore I’m not sure that Ricciardo is going to replace Perez at Red Bull in 2025. Why change a winning team?

Perez and Verstappen, smiling after a won race by Red Bull.


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